Sarah Silverman Is Feeling The Bern Big Time

“Hi beautiful” is Sarah Silverman’s opener for her filmed plea to not only exercise your right to vote, but to vote for Bernie Sanders specifically. Silverman posted an intimate video of herself on YouTube explaining why she’s voting for Sanders in what appears to be the confines of her own home.

The tone is very casual and friendly. There are a few jokes up top but the video is mostly Silverman articulating Sanders’ policies in an accessible way to potential voters. Upfront she addresses everyone’s first question for her. Why Not Hilary?

“Hilary had always been my choice. I’m a feminist. Democratic woman president? Yes please! But she takes a lot of money from big corporations and banks, the very people she says she’s going to stand up to…I’m not against Hilary, I just- I met someone that I have more in common with. And his name is Bernie Sanders.”

Silverman then elaborates on what Sanders stands for. She speaks with a sense of humor, although the video has few laugh lines. She is adamant about getting her point across and uses just the facts to do so.

“Bernie is not for sale. This man is running for president on the platform that is just a giant fuck you to the above-the-law billionaire class….He is a socialist democrat…He believes that people that don’t have the same advantages as you and me, should be given the same advantages as you and me.”

She ends her “spiel” urging you to vote and to “make it fun, go with friends.”