Rihanna Gets Hers In “Kiss It Better” Video

Whew, this is all. Too. MUCH.

Here is Rihanna’s new video for “Kiss It Better,” a sexy, Prince-influenced slow jam that I argue is the best song to sing alone in one’s bedroom while putting on eyeliner.

There’s a lot to appreciate here! Rihanna’s body, for one. Rihanna’s consistent use of aerolae as accessory, for another.
Also, those cleverly-placed dice and limbs and writhing and skillful use of a a wind machine. I wasn’t one of the #blessed to see her in concert, but I imagine being part of an entire stadium full of fans scream-sing “Man, fuck your pride” while she writhes on stage is akin to a religious experience. This video scales that experience down to a size that’s more appropriate for a grown and sexy desk-chair dance-off, just for you.

Watch the video once. Then watch it again. Promise, it’s worth it.