Pregnant Meteorologist Celebrates Having An Entire Week Free Of Being Body-Shamed By Viewers

For a record of seven full days, meteorologist Lauren Jones received zero comments directed towards her that insisted that she dress more “appropriately.” With the growth of her pregnant belly, so grew the amount of commenters that seemed to have a problem with Jones’ appearance while delivering the weather report for Wave3 News, a local news station in Louisville, KY.

Here are just a few examples pulled from her verified Facebook page.


In addition to covering the weather, Jones is anchor for “WAVE 3 News Sunrise” along with co-anchor John Boel. It was Boel’s celebratory Facebook post that got the internet’s attention and has gone viral since he first posted it yesterday.

Screen shot 2016-03-31 at 3.39.11 PM

Sure, this is a very positive thing, but only one week? It’s a step, but a very small one. It’d be nice if this woman was just able to do her job without being constantly ridiculed about her gained baby weight or about her clothing choices. If you don’t have anything nice to say (especially about a pregnant woman’s physical appearance), don’t say it. Don’t type it either.