Microsoft’s Nightmare Teen Bot Tay Woke Up Again

The Microsoft teen nightmare robot Tay was quickly shut down last week after the internet taught her how to be a Hitler-loving troll in less than 24 hours. During Microsoft’s desperate flailing to program her out of her Nazi-loving ways, she was inadvertently activated for a few hours today and managed to keep up her reputation.

CREDIT: Mashable

Microsoft employees said her brief reactivation was just for testing but wasn’t intended to be viewable by the public. Luckily for us, wild horses cannot be Taymed (sorry). As expected, her brief re-entry on Twitter was peppered with cuss words because she’s a cool bitch and somewhat illegible attempts at snarky teen slang. Naturally, the Tweets were taken down and the account was locked down before many of us could see. Mashable managed to snag some screenshots from her temporary resurrection, including this confusing diss against pictures of humans?!

CREDIT: Mashable

Apparently during her brief period of freedom she proved her true lack of fucks by tweeting about “smoking kush in front of the police,” like any edgelord teen with a platform would do. Unfortunately that tweet is no longer visible, but I 100% believe in Tay’s unbridled rebellion and therefore have no doubt she tweeted about blazing in front of cops.