In Case You Needed Another Thing To Worry About, Anxiety Makes You Smell Worse

You know how anxiety makes you feel like a heaving, sweating pile of garbage?! Well according to some particularly cruel science,  anxiety not only causes sweating  but produces a specifically smellier sweat then your run-of-the-mill pit stains. Don’t worry though, just chill out and you’ll smell better!

Studies have shown that the drenches of sweat produced during exercise or the glare of a sunny day are usually composed of 90% water and therefore far less pungent in odor than their fear induced counterparts. According to this paranoia inducing study, the sweat produced from anxiety is composed of 80% water and 20% fats and proteins which activates the especially disgusting odors of bacteria on our skin!

From an evolutionary standpoint the fight-or-flight response that causes this special sweat is supposed to send signals to others that danger may be near. But what if the danger is just the cruel insides of our brain? Why can’t we just tell our bodies to stop broadcasting our sweat notifications to all of the peers we already fear?

Although unsurprising, this piece of information feels about as useful as studies that confirm lack of exercise and isolation contribute to depression.  It’s a self-feeding cycle of symptoms and cause. Knowing you’ll smell worse if you’re anxious is only going to cause more anxiety about smelling bad and therefore more sweat.

I guess this means it’s time to draw a bath and buy some peppermint essential oils, and pray to god the fear of the void doesn’t turn you into more of a social pariah.