Chris Christie Is A Big Boy And Will Eat His M&Ms However He Pleases

Chris Christie is a politician who truly understands what matters which is why he called a radio station to defend himself after a recent photo of him combining two containers of M&Ms circulated on the internet. After all, you’ve gotta let the people know what informs your policies. This is especially true if you really don’t have anything else going on in your life, ya know?

Being called savage and perplexing for your snacking habits is a cross that many pioneers have been forced to bear.  Luckily for us snack truthers, today Christie laid the public gossip to rest on the radio show Boomer & Carton where he explained that there is a box he places inside a bag of M&Ms that he then dumps another bag of M&Ms into. Apparently the box is easier to hold, and the outer bag acts as a protective shield?!

Although this is far from rocket science, the container-related gymnastics of this snack habit hurts my brain a bit. But hell, it’s been working for Christie so well that he decided to talk about it on the radio so maybe it’s worth a try?! You can  listen to his full glorious explanation here.