Rahm Emanuel Bans City Travel To North Carolina, Finally Does Something Good

You know your legislation is truly evil when even the (possibly most sociopathic ever) mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel balks at it. Emanuel announced that he’s drafting an executive order banning City of Chicago government travel to North Carolina following the passage of their anti-LGBT bill, HB2, which overturned and banned non-discrimination ordinances statewide. Emanuel told Crain’s:

“North Carolina’s values are of exclusion and intolerance, versus tolerance and inclusion. I have already been on the phone and asked my staff to develop a list of companies… that would be interested in (being) in a different environment from one of exclusion.”

Emanuel is joining New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, and now the city council of Portland, Oregon with the support of Oregon governor Kate Brown in banning government travel to North Carolina.

Just to be super clear, Rahm Emanuel has shuttered mental health clinics for low-income patients, closed 50 schools in low-income neighborhoods, put up speed cameras that cause more accidents and wrongfully issue spates of $100 tickets, and lied about how much he knew about the Laquan McDonald case, indicating to some that he kept it under wraps to help his viability in an election that went to a run-off. And he opposes HB2. I’m just saying.


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