Is Beyoncé Dropping Her Latest Album On April Fools, the Worst Day Of The Year?

Ready yourselves, gather your handbag and get your money right: new rumors are circulating that Beyoncé’s highly anticipated album is set to drop tomorrow, April 1.  Need receipts? Let us parse through the dribbles of information together.

First, there was this tweet, sent by a dedicated member of the Beyhive, alerting the world that hey, maybe pay attention, something is happening.

For those of you who managed to get tickets to the Formation tour, it kicks off on April 27th. Rumblings in other parts of the internet claimed that Beyoncé’s album will drop sometime in April. Naturally, anyone who cares about this information has been waiting with bated breath. To corroborate the above evidence, Elle Magazine’s Instagram account started posting a countdown of pictures of Beyoncé, with the understanding that the last picture posted will be the cover of their music issue.

Also, there’s this, with what looks to be a track list, with records that feature Frank Ocean(!), Adele(!!), Nicki Minaj(!!!!) and Mariah Goddamn Carey(AHHHHH).

And Bey just dropped this video for her new clothing line, Ivy Park, which looks like high-class athleisure and features Beyonce running ona treadmill in a really nice pair of mesh leggings.

So! Is it imminent? Are we about to get a new album? Is April Fools’ Day nothing more than a social construct designed to wreak havoc on the gullible and the easily convinced?

All of this “evidence” lives somewhere in the realm of informed speculation.  The fact that her tour is starting in April points pretty strongly to this being somewhat real. But, please note the date. Today is March 31st. Tomorrow, April 1. Remember to pay your rent, but also be extra-aware. Prank season is mercifully brief, but right now, everything and anything that slides your way could be fake! Nothing about Beyoncé’s album releases have proven to me that she would come to play like this. She’s a businesswoman over everything.  This tracklist could be fake. Elle’s countdown could be punking us. Beyoncé could be announcing her retirement after this tour. We don’t know. We simply don’t know. All we can do is wait.

Tidal is being very generous with the free trials right now, angels, so if you know what’s good for you, hustle over there I guess. Stay ready. Sleep with one eye open. Something’s coming.

Update, 11:06 a.m.: Elle, true to their word, finished their countdown by releasing the cover of their upcoming music issue. Yes, it’s great. Yes, Beyoncé is on it.

She looks great! There’s an “interview!” It’s all coming out next week! Ahhhhh, get ready. Get. READY.