15 Companies Have Pulled Their Ads From The Duggars’ Counting On Series

The Duggars are so toxic that fifteen advertisers have instructed TLC not to air any more ads during the network’s Counting On series, focusing on Josh Duggar’s victims, Jessa and Jill. Most of the companies whose ads ran during commercial breaks on the first few episodes of the new season told In Touch that the ads were part of a large buy or that they were for some other reason unaware that their ads would run during the Duggars’ spinoff.

But two, Choice Hotels and Pure Michigan, said that they had instructed the network not to place their ads next to Duggar programming and that the network did it anyway. I guess TLC is so desperate to funnel money toward the Duggars and their child molesting son that they’re willing to ignore their advertising contracts? Who knows. There are rumors abound that the show will be cancelled; hopefully this unviable garbage will be off the air soon.

[In Touch]

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