“Lucky” Winners Of This Airbnb Contest Get To Have A Sleepover With Sharks

As part of Airbnb’s #NightAt series, you can enter to win a complimentary one-night stay in an underwater room, surrounded by sharks. In the listing, the experience is described as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in an underwater bedroom, where the only thing separating you from your neighbors is the 360-degree transparent wall.” I think they should edit this description to “ATTEMPT TO sleep in an underwater bedroom” because, honestly, who’s going to be able to sleep under these circumstances? Not me.

As someone who still gets spooked sometimes while in swimming pools due to the traumatizing effect of Jaws, I will not be entering this contest. In fact, on Airbnb’s listing of the contest it insists that you should “Avoid seeing Jaws before your sleepover. They’re kinder than you think!”

Other house rules include:

•No selfies after dark. Remember, sharks are sensitive to light.
•No sleepwalking or night swimming.
•Don’t eat the chum.
•No diving.
•Keep your heads and feet in the bedroom at all times.
•Sheep can’t swim, so count sharks instead.
•Don’t take the bait.

Interesting that “no hanky panky” didn’t make the list.

Although the aquarium is located in Paris, the contest is open to everybody. Simply enter on their website  and write a brief, convincing essay on why you love sharks more than anybody. Winners receive:

A private visit of the Aquarium de Paris and tour by a marine biologist (conducted in English and/or French)
A private dinner for 2 in the Aquarium de Paris
A one night stay in the L’Aquarium de Paris on one of these dates: April 11, 12 or 13, 2016
Breakfast the next morning
The round trip to Paris – Economy class tickets

A round-trip to Paris sounds nice, but I would probably only need a one-way flight since I would die from the anxiety and fear while submerged. The “lucky” winners will be announced on April 9th.