I’m Gonna Let You Finish, But This Guy Is The Best ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Of All Time

Any time I’m visiting home or at the laundromat and I catch some of America’s iconic game show Wheel Of Fortune, I do what everyone does. I play along and think to myself, “I could that.”

Recent contestant Robert Santoli has me doubting my abilities. Vanna White barely has to reveal any letters before this guy has already successfully figured out the puzzle. The 23-year-old studied up on past Wheel Of Fortune puzzles in preparation for his episode which aired last Friday, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“I spent the days before our trip compiling a list of possible puzzles and key words themed toward sailing, cruising, water, and even fishing,” Santoli said. “The show does sometimes repeat puzzles, especially themed ones. ‘Port & Starboard’ had been used at least twice before my show, both times as a Toss-Up puzzle.”

It pays to study. Santoli took home over $76,000 in cash and prizes. Watch the video of his performance below and see if you would stand a chance against him.