15-Year-Old Trump Protester Pepper Sprayed After Being Groped

A 15-year-old protester at a Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin was pepper sprayed in the face yesterday, but twist: That protester was also right about to punch a guy.

The girl was groped by the man for whose face she was prepping her mighty fist. She went to confront him, exchanged words, and made an attempt to knock him when an onlooker deployed their pepper spray on her. She received medical treatment afterward.

FIRST ON JANESVILLE COMMUNITY PAGE:Protester throws a punch and gets sprayed at #Trump rally in #JanesvilleVideo courtesy of Chris Conry

Posted by Janesville Community Page on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

So, basically, we have an older guy who feels cool about molesting a teenager, a teenager who feels cool about punching people, and a rando who brought pepper spray with them to a Donald Trump rally just in case they need to spray a fifteen-year-old in the face. No one really comes out ahead, here; the groper really just falls way behind.

Janesville police are looking for the groper/child molester and the sprayer after talking to the 15-year-old protester. Donald Trump just attracts the best people, doesn’t he?

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