This First Grader’s Test Answer Reveals They Know The Joys Of Getting High

Sometimes when kids say or write funny things it becomes glaringly obvious that they just fucking get it. A first grade student of this teacher on Reddit showed they know how life really works when they answered a multiple choice test question with an answer that is technically wrong, but realistically right. The survey questionnaire had students finish sentences with one of four provided words. When our tiny protagonist was present with the sentence: “Ann was too __ to help her sister,” and the possible answers were “busy”, “high”, “eyes”, and “listen” — the wise young one naturally chose high.

Ann high

In the first grader’s defense, being blazed is a more valid reason for Ann  not help her sister than being busy is. Maybe Ann had every intention of helping her sister before she smoked up a strong new batch that hit her way too hard. It’s very likely that Ann has a lot of tasks she knows she should tend to, but the current of weed running through her blood is absorbing all her brain space.

It’s also likely that whoever made this question in the first place was setting up this scenario, because whether or not a 6-year-old fully realizes what they’re implying, it’s only natural that at least one kid will choose this option. My theory is that our young test-taker has either experienced an “Ann” or aspires to be one eventually.