The #BananaPeelChallenge Is The Latest Trend With Teens

Have you ever found yourself revisiting your favorite cartoon only to wonder: are banana peels truly as dangerous as they’ve been stereotyped?! This is the pressing question that teens on the internet have been exploring through the trending #Bananapeelchallenge.

The idea of watching internet strangers fall on banana peels may not sound that exciting initially, but the creative execution of the teens on Twitter boosts it to a level of slapstick that’s worth browsing. Even a slip on a banana peel can be artful if you go full method like these Twitter teens.

The internet can foster trends that emphasize body-negativity and bullying so harmless trends like the #bananapeelchallenge feel like a breathe of fresh air.

At worst, it’s another corny and slightly stupid internet trend. At best, it’s a watching a bunch of novices discover the joys of physical comedy.

Although I’m fully in support of the babies spreading this trend, I’m 100% sure if I made a #bananapeelchallenge video it would involve a fatal fall onto my roommate’s cat which would quickly escalate into a scratched and bleeding face.