Relax, Ladies, Donald Trump Was Just Joking About All That Sexist Stuff

Donald Trump told a local Wisconsin news program on Monday that the many, many sexist things he’s said both prior to and during his campaign were just jokes, guys! Stop taking it so seriously! What are you, on the rag or something?

Said Trump:

“Well, number one, I’m no different than anybody else, and people joke, and I joke. And I never knew I was going to be running for office. And you joke, and you kid and say things, but you’re not a politician so you never think anybody cares.”

“All of a sudden you decide because the country’s doing so badly that you’re going to run for office, and then they take every single thing that you’ve ever said over a lifetime. Much of that I said in jest, much of that I said — although with the Fox debate, I didn’t say that in jest at all. I said that 100% because Megyn Kelly never treated me fairly and everybody knows it. But you say things, and I guarantee you I’m no different, if anything I’m far better than the people I’m running against.”

First of all, can we just pause to reflect on the fact that the most vocal proponent of the birther movement seems surprised that people would examine a presidential candidate’s past? Sit with that for a second.

Second, I hate to be a buzzkill, but making sexist jokes kind of makes you sexist. At least, making sexist jokes flagrantly and repeatedly, without any indication that you’re kidding and don’t believe what you’re saying, would indicate that you think being disgusting toward women is fun. Which makes you sexist. No? This “it’s all just a joke” schtick is boring to me. Perhaps Drumpf could at some point in the near future start taking his candidacy seriously.

Third, except for Megyn Kelly. Enough said.


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