Kesha Supporters Bought An Advertisement On Pandora Calling Out Sony

The legal battle between Kesha and Sony rages on, as the court ruling forcing her to exclusively release music alongside producer Dr. Luke has continued to garner backlash from big names in the industry. Recent claims that Sony plans to drop Dr. Luke have been vehemently denied by Dr. Luke’s attorney, and remain to be confirmed through action from Sony. As both a move of solidarity with Kesha and a strong “fuck you” to Sony, the women’s advocacy group UltraViolet purchased ad space on Pandora that explicitly tells Sony to drop Dr. Luke from their label.

The advertisement cuts no corners:

“Sony can free Kesha and take a stand against rape culture. Tell Sony to drop Dr. Luke.”

While Kesha has actively appealed the court ruling, and received promises from Sony that she can continue to release her music without Dr. Luke — the follow through of that promise is yet to be seen.

In a statement to Teen VogueNita Chaudharythe co-founder of UltraViolet, said:

“Kesha has been struggling for years to be free from the influence of her abuser – and that struggle is still ongoing. While reports from unnamed insiders have implied that Sony Music is exploring ways to cut ties to Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, short of a public announcement from Sony Music CEO Doug Morris, only one thing remains true: Kesha isn’t free.”

UltraViolet’s vocal support of Kesha spans multiple mediums, as they not only bought the Pandora ad but also have a petition spreading to urge Sony to drop Dr. Luke.

(Marie Claire)