Crazy-In-Love Man Hijacks Plane To Deliver Love Letter

In what will likely be the plot for the next blockbuster romantic comedy, a man on an Egyptair flight this morning hijacked a plane for the sole purpose of delivering a love letter to his estranged wife. Claiming he was armed with an explosive belt, he successfully hijacked the plane of 82 passengers to Cyprus so he could deliver what I imagine was a flowery letter full of apology and promise.

Luckily, because his hijacking was motivated by an aspirational and obsessive “love” (YIKES MAN), he had no actual explosives on hand and all of the crew and passengers were able to safely exit upon landing. The self-appointed Romeo was immediately arrested, and the fear that his hijacking was ISIS related was immediately dispelled when authorities found out about his heartsickness.

I’m envisioning this absurd scenario in a movie and even though it mirrors the problematic tendencies of a classic John Cusack role I vote for getting Idris Elba into this plane. Or maybe we need the sad-eyed convincing of Gael Garcia Bernal or the comedic stylings with Kumail Nanjani? Romantic comedies are already innately stalkerish and terrifying. We might as well include full-on plane hijackings, because airport chases aren’t doing it anymore.

(The Daily Beast)