This Card Catalogue USB Drive Will Make You Miss The Library

Once upon a time, the library was a real place where you could check out actual books to hold in your hot little hands. Actually! The library is still a real place that you should go to because libraries are awesome! If you prefer e-books for whatever reason — cash money, convenience, space — but still wanna show your fellow book lovers you know what’s up, these USB drives shaped like card catalogues will remind you of the good old days. These drives are 8 GB, a size that was unheard of in Ye Olde Card Catalogue times. You can order ‘em blank or loaded up with the first 11 collections of Unshelved, a comic strip about librarians and their adventures. Buy them here.

Here’s a hot tip: You can also check out e-books from the library. You’re welcome.

[Nerd Approved]