Robbers In Williamsburg Are Just Giving Up Now

If you want something done right, do it yourself. As Gothamist reports, Brooklyn’s Tiffany Chang found her afternoon of Netflix interrupted when a burglar came in through her Williamsburg fire escape. Instead of running out, calling 911, freezing in fear, the limits here are truly endless, she snatched her laptop straight out of his “stupid” hands.


The burglar still managed to get her cell phone and some jewelry, but he can never steal how “empowered” she says she feels from surviving this living nightmare.

In an interview with CBS, Chang seems very nonplussed by the whole situation. “I asked him ‘Are you kidding me?’ And he looked at me and kind of smiled and froze,” she recounts. “In that moment, I thought ‘if he was dangerous, he should have done something.'”

So what’s Chang’s secret — lightening fast reflexes? Self-defense training? Krav maga? “I’ve been robbed a few times before,” she told NBC, including three times in the same apartment through same fire escape. Aha. Practice makes perfect.