Kanye And Tyga Dressed As Easter Bunnies And The Reactions Were Adorable

In the true spirit of fatherhood Kanye decided to go full out for Easter and recruit Tyga to dress up like the Easter Bunny with him. The two men fully committed to the slightly terrifying bunny costumes, traipsing into the house to surprise the Kardashian children who immediately gave them adorable hugs and baby looks of confusion. I was never face to face with a costumed Easter Bunny as a child so I can only imagine how overwhelming it would be to have TWO Easter Bunnies surprise you as a tiny person. But North West particularly seemed to handle it well, immediately hugging up on the bunnies.

Although they shared no official video footage of the Easter magic Kylie Jenner took some Snapchats that were immediately snatched up by the hungry world of Kanye and Kardashian enthusiasts.

Aside from gifting the world with his cameo as the Easter Bunny, Kanye also gave us a holiday gift with the Spotify release of his track “Famous”. Now all of us music-lovers not yet initiated into the VIP world of Tidal can still enjoy his latest stylings and feel like part of the world.

The gifts from Ye don’t stop there. In honor of Easter and his church roots Kanye just released the track “Ultralight Prayer” featuring gospel singer Kirk Franklin and Kelly Price. This Easter weekend Kanye was truly the gift that kept on giving.