Horrible Parents Trample Kids, Overtake Easter Egg Hunt

Parents in New Haven, Connecticut wrecked Easter for everyone yesterday by rushing an Easter egg hunt sponsored by the Pez company and taking all of the candy for themselves. That is not a joke: We have all lost our minds.

Parents literally shoved past children to take nine thousand candy-filled eggs. Pez general manager Shawn Peterson says that the company tried to keep things orderly and direct the parents to start when someone from Pez gave a signal to start. But “that lasted about a minute, and then folks just rushed the field and took everything.” One parent told Reuters that when her son left, “He had a broken basket and was hysterically crying.” I mean, really, if you want to scar children and make sure that they don’t trust anyone, feel free to be part of a candy-stealing mob on Easter.

If I had to speculate — and I don’t, but I will — I would say that this is either the end result of parental burnout, millennial entitlement (now that we’re of child-having age), or helicopter parenting. It depends on the mob’s motivations: Were they tearing-their-hair-out insane? Were they so blissfully self-involved that they assumed the Easter egg hunt was for them, not for the children? Or were they trying to make sure their kid had the most candy and became the Candy King of Easter? We may never know.


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