Even Harper Lee’s Ghost Hates Donald Trump’s Casino

You know your business design is tacky when it causes the ghost of a literary icon to rise from beyond the grave in order to give you a bad Yelp review. While it didn’t cause a full-on resurrection of the recently deceased Harper Lee, Donald Trump’s aggressively gaudy Trump Taj Mahal casino and resort in Atlantic City left such a bad impression on Lee that she wrote that she hoped even her dead spirit wouldn’t be subject to its horror.

Lee visited the hotel back in 1990 when it opened, and the stench of Donald Trump’s monstrous taste prevented her from ever returning. She had apparently been entertaining friends from out-of-town when the crew decided to walk down to the Jersey shore and stain their consciousness with Trump’s latest phallic eyesore.

Harper Lee wrote a letter that summer to a longtime friend in Alabama that said verbatim:

“The worst punishment God can devise for this sinner is to make her spirit reside eternally at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.”

DAMN, HARPER. The posthumous bad review of Trump’s casino was uncovered this week with 28 other signed letters that went up for auction in Los Angeles. I’m curious to hear what other establishments Harper posthumously burned from the abyss. I wonder – do any of her other letters from 1990 contain as surprisingly relevant burns as a Donald Trump diss?!

The discovery of Harper’s morbid hatred of Trump’s casino likely caused thousands of literary fans to pray that no matter what the after life holds, please God, don’t damn Harper’s spirit to the Trump Taj Mahal.