Are The Spice Girls Really Planning A 20th anniversary Reunion Tour?!

Rumours a swirling about an upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour to commemorate the group’s 20th anniversary.

Mel B, (Scary Spice) recently said that it would be “rude not to celebrate” the anniversary of their debut single “Wannabe.” She also added that “hopefully something will be happening pretty soon”. If that isn’t an affirmative nod to a reunion happening then I don’t know what is! Oh please let this be true.

A Spice Girls insider (whatever that means) reportedly said: “This has been in the works for the past year. The girls have long been keen to do a major reunion tour together.”

It should come as no surprise however, that Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham will NOT be in attendance. I mean she is way too cool for school and has the Mary-Kate/Ashley Olsen famous couture fashion designer syndrome anyway.

This Spice Girls source also said that the other Spice Girls have been trying to convince Posh to do it but she really doesn’t want to.

Ok fine, but I’ll take a reunion sans one NO PROBLEM.

Girl Power forever!!!