The Walking Dead Joins Media Heavyweights Threatening Georgia Boycott

Georgia governor Nathan Deal is caught between a financially lucrative rock and a bigoted, dumbass hard place. Georgia legislators passed House Bill 757 earlier this week, a sweeping “religious liberty” bill that kneecaps LGBT rights in the state, and if Deal signs it into law, an impressive number of Hollywood heavyweights will take their business elsewhere.

AMC, which films The Walking Dead in Georgia, has joined the biggest names in TV and film production and distribution, including Netflix, Disney, Marvel, Viacom, HBO, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners, and Time Warner, with its statement condemning the bill. Although AMC doesn’t out and out threaten to move its production elsewhere, but it’s not hard to read between the lines. Earlier this week, a Disney spokesperson announced, “Disney and Marvel are inclusive companies, and although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia, we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law.” Atlanta is on the short list of possible locations for next year’s Superbowl, but the NFL has indicated that passing the bill would take Georgia out of the running.

It’s unclear if Deal will vote for or against the bill, although some of his statements give us a glimmer of hope that he’ll decide against it — if only for business reasons.

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