The Craziest Rumor Iggy Azalea Has Ever Heard Is That She’s Trans

Iggy Azalea told Andy Cohen that the craziest rumor she’s ever heard about herself was that she was born male and got a sex change. The only issue she takes with it is that whoever started the rumor claimed that her name used to be Corey. “Why would my name be Corey?” She asked. “It would be Liam, that’s my boy name.” Touché, Iggy, touché; I would not want to be a Corey, either.

But also, shrug? If you’re a woman on the internet you’ve probably gotten some cute memes thrown at you about your gender being doubtful. If that’s the craziest she’s ever heard, I think Igloo is doing ok.

It’s certainly better than being an actual trans person and having, as it turns out, not just the government of the state of North Carolina but in fact the entire Republican National Committee spreading rumors about you that you’re a secret rapist trying to get into the “wrong” bathroom to rape people. Nothing like being coordinated against by one of the two political parties running your country’s government! Maybe Caitlyn Jenner wants to rethink that ambassadorship?


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