Netflix Has Been Lying To You About Capping Your Data

Okay, maybe not lying, but definitely obscuring the truth.

Netflix announced a mobile data saver feature today that’s supposed to help you save your data plan from careening over a cliff. That’s cool! The only problem is that they’ve been capping your data at 600kps for years without you knowing.  Lifehacker got the news from the Netflix blog.

According to a post on Netflix’ company blog, the streaming service has been capping video streams at 600Kbps for years in an effort to make sure that you don’t exceed your data cap. While it’s sweet Netflix cares so much, many consumers would probably like to make that choice for themselves. To compensate, Netflix is going to roll out its Mobile Data Saver feature, which will allow users to choose whether they blow through a lot or a little of their data while binge watching on the road.

It’s a nice bit of news for those of us who don’t want to have to learn coding just to keep our eyes glued to the latest Gilmore Girls binge watch while we commute.