Madonna Got In Trouble For Putting Fake ‘No Parking’ Signs On Her Block

Anyone who’s been making public splashes for an upwards of 30 years is gonna face trouble with the law at some point, and Madonna is no exception. The Rebel Heart decided it was a good idea to put up fake “No Parking” signs near the best parking spots surrounding her $40 million Upper East Side pop-queen haven. She even went so far as to have the spots painted yellow so the ordeal would appear even more legitimate.


Her neighbors were less than impressed by Madonna’s absurd power play, and immediately contacted the NYC Department of Transportation to report the interactive performance art that inhibited their parking abilities. This whole situation is essentially the moneyed, grown-ass version of stealing fallen street signs and putting them in your room. Except in this scenario you’re counterfeiting street signs and claiming a block’s worth of parking for yourself.

I kind of just assumed Madonna rents various limos and doesn’t even bother with one consistent car, so maybe this ridiculous act of entitlement somehow humanizes her?