Khloé Kardashian Has Important Spray-Tanning Advice For Donald Trump

Khloé Kardashian told The Cut this week that she doesn’t want to get embroiled in any political arguments, but that she does have some really important advice for Donald Trump. Specifically, spray-tanning advice:

I love a good spray tan. I believe in doing a scrub before to get everything off first. But also spray tanning, as great as it is, I kind of kick and scream doing it because I’m like, “God, now I smell for the whole night.” It’s a process. After your spray tan, a trick someone taught me is to put baby powder wherever you crease. Like I have a crease on my neck. I’ll put baby powder under my arms and it makes you not get those weird lines. When you sleep sometimes you sweat, but baby powder … this is a silly little tip, but there you go.

I mean, solid advice, but to me the biggest problem seems to be the eye-and-mouth pallor that makes his face seem totally unreal. What do you do about that? Other than, of course, actually getting out of the Trump Hate-Cave and into the sun.

[The Cut]

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