A British Weather Reporter Referenced ‘Batman V. Superman’ Twenty Times In Her Broadcast

London-based weather maverick Sian Welby captured the heart of the conflict of Batman V. Superman in an elaborate one minute weather broadcast that included over 20 themed puns.

Regardless of your feelings about the quality of the film itself, or whether it’s making was purely revenue based and without any plot merit, it’s undeniable that Welby dives into the references with a pun-savviness few have.

Really though, how many weather people can simultaneously warn you about the conditions of Easter weekend AND reference the possible outcomes of Batman V Superman? Not many, and this isn’t even the first time Welby has shown off her nerdy pun-skills, which were first showcased in her Star Wars themed broadcast.

This causes me to wonder what franchise of puns will she tackle next? Will Michael Bay release a kraken of explosion based films she’ll reference? The world can only wait and see.