Tinder is Helping Clueless Singles Pick a Presidential Candidate

Tinder knows that when you’re single, there’s no time to care about things like who’s going to be the next President of the United States. That’s why the world’s most serviceable app is swooping in to save the day for singles who are still undecided this election season. Thanks to a partnership with Rock the Vote, your merry swiping will be interrupted by a blaring opportunity to swipe left or right through our nation’s most pressing issues with the same thoughtfulness that you typically bring to each dude posed at Machu Picchu/in front of a tiger.

The function, which takes you to an external website, walks you through ten issues before giving you the opportunity to register to vote.

CREDIT: screenshot via Tinder

Note: You will have to swipe through some potential future soulmates before the Swipe The Vote functionality pops up. Once you’re in the system, you’ll answer yes or no on issues from legalizing marijuana to more funding for education to stricter laws for online piracy.


Thanks to Tinder for getting our editorial team on a dating app before 10 AM and giving us all a great excuse for having Tinder on our phones. “I’m just being political!”


Once you get a political match, you can swipe to learn more about your candidate’s stances on the issues before registering to vote. Just don’t expect him to text you back.