Rashida Jones Is Producing a Nail Salon Crime Show, and Nothing Has Ever Made More Sense

TNT just ordered the pilot of a show called Claws. Like, that’s just it’s name, without pretense, apology, or explanation. According to Vulture, the show “follows five Florida manicurists’ rise in the world of organized crime.” Rashida Jones is set to produce, and Eliot Laurence is going to write it.

You’ve likely been to a shady manicure place, but this show is raising some questions for us.

1. How racist will it be? 
Are we going for realism here, or Hollywood beauties masquerading as aestheticians? Basically is this going to be a cast of all white women? Because I call bullshit on that immediately.

2. What are the crimes?!
The Case of This Lady’s Heels Are Still Rough When She Leaves? Someone didn’t run the tools through that heat-cleaning machine?

3. How is this going to be a drama?
Like…just how.

4. Who said this was a good idea?
And was it the same people behind Devious Maids

5. Does this put the nail in the coffin of the fancy nails obsession? 
Because I’ve been biting my nails since 1985 and I’m ready.