Men Can Now Be Body-Positive in Briefs From Aerie

Hey look, something nice happened for men today! Aerie, beloved for its “no retouching” policy and its perpetual 7 for $27.50 sale on panties, has moved their body positive festivities onto the other portion of the populace. The new #aerieMan campaign features four male models of various shapes and sizes, just as they exist in the world.

The campaign’s intro videos mock the whole idea of body confidence. “Just because I’m a model doesn’t mean I’m comfortable in my underwear,” says a blonde, white dude with washboard abs. Wink!

Model Kelvin, the man behind fashion blog Notoriously Dapper, told Buzzfeed he thinks a campaign of this nature is long overdue. “I’m glad brands and companies are starting to see the need for male body diversity in fashion,” he says. “What better way than to celebrate men in diverse sizes?”

Any love for body positivity is good, but let’s not get out the fainting couch yet for men exhausted from fighting against body standards. (See: Every article defending the dadbod ever written.) Also important to note is that all the underwear in the shoppable photos is still modeled by the dudes with the six packs. What, we can use non-traditional models to help out with the campaign slogan but we can’t look at their bodies up close?

On the plus side, this brief cut is perfect.