Fight! Fight! Title IX Fight! Columbia Professor Sues The Crap Out of the University For Sexual Harassment

Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz started a revolution by dragging her mattress around campus to protest the school’s treatment of her sexual assault, and it seems like the school is under fire for not protecting women yet again.

According to The Daily Intelligencer, finance and economics professor Enrichetta Ravina is suing the university for being subjected to gender discrimination and sexual harassment at the hands of colleague Geert Bekaert. Ravina claims that Bakaert tried to trade exclusive access to data that would be important to her research, only to use it as a way to start telling her about his porn habit. They both teach finance, so there’s no way pornography just casually comes up in conversation.

When Ravina tried to report the situation to the school’s deans, they didn’t really seem to handle it very well.

Ravina, who’d recently applied for tenure, said she first complained to her higher-ups at the business school, but one dean dismissed her story as a “soap opera.” Others told her to forget Bekaert’s inappropriate remarks and to give up her research.

Forget your lawsuit and quit your job? In what world is that even close to legit?

She filed a lawsuit on Tuesday, and is suing Columbia University for $20 million dollars in damages. She’s also filed a separate suit against Bekaert.

“I never really wanted to be in this position, but this was the only thing I could do,” she told the Times. “I felt really betrayed. I thought the university should have solved this.”