Betty White Is Being Sued By Her Caretaker For Unpaid Wages And No Overtime

Just when you thought that Betty White was an unimpeachable gem, here’s some news that’ll change that right quick!

White’s live-in caretaker, Anita Maynard, filed a lawsuit last week alleging that despite working 14-hour days for a period of 22 years, she never received overtime and was denied proper breaks. Betty, WYD, I swear to god.

From the lawsuit, obtained by BuzzFeed:

Plaintiff was not paid overtime for work performed over nine hours per day. Plaintiff was not given twelve consecutive hours of time off. Plaintiff was not paid overtime rates for hours worked off duty or within the period she was meant to have off. Plaintiff further worked more than twelve hours a day and did not have three hours of free time, either consecutively or not, during those twelve hours. Plaintiff worked six days a work week. Plaintiff was not paid an overtime rate for work on the sixth day of her workweek. Plaintiff was not paid double time for hours worked in excess of nine hours on the six day she worked in a work week. Plaintiff was not provide uninterrupted meal periods or compensation in lieu thereof, and was not provided timely with accurate itemized wage statements. Plaintiff was not paid all her wages owed, including her vacation pay, upon her employment ending.

Any way you look at this, it’s not very good. ¬†Naturally, White has declined to comment on these allegations. Dorothy Zbornak is surely rolling in her grave.