Which Hot Dad Will Bridget Jones’s Baby Have?

In this age of sequels and reboots, it’s not so rare to see a familiar face. It’s rare to be this happy about it. Please welcome back our girl Bridget Jones, who has upgraded to an iPad and is now having freaking baby thanks to the unstoppable march of time.

The first official trailer for Bridget Jones’s Baby reveals that the father is between Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy and a new love interested played Patrick Dempsey’s (I can only assume) Derek Shepherd. According to E! Online, the cast filmed three potential endings for the film so there’s no chance of learning who the baby daddy is before the film hits theaters on September 16. My money would be on some sort of Jane the Virgin accidental-insemination mixup, but the OB-GYN is played by Emma Thompson, so you know that Bridget is on her gyno game.

Crack open some chardonnay and watch the full trailer below.