This Thing Catches Beard Clippings But Lets Misogyny Slide Through

You might have seen this product on Shark Tank, that show where millionaires give start-up money to inventors, but the Beard King just came across my Twitter dashboard today. I’m simultaneously intrigued and horrified!

If you’ve ever lived with a beard, this seems like a reasonable solution, but like Carrie Bradshaw before me, I can’t help but wonder what’s up with all the sexism and misogyny in their ads.

“Shave the Beaver, Not the Beard”? Really? Someone approved that, huh.

Um, Mickey Mouse disapproves? But only the traditionally hot, half-naked girl version of Mickey Mouse.

Oh, cool, it gets grosser.

Here’s the thing: If you can’t maintain your beard without infusing your life with abject sexism, you should probably grow up, shave, and just be a whole entire person already.