There Is Now A ‘Ball Pit Bar’ So You Can Get Creeped On While Being Nostalgic

Imagine you are back in the ball pit of your childhood Chuck E. Cheese. Fun! Joy! Light! Now, imagine that you’re an e an adult balancing a Bud Lime in one hand, while using the other hand to swat off a drunk man swimming in plastic. All of the children you played with have grown into wistful alcoholics and everything smells like bodies and plastic and is generally awful. Also, you’re drunk.  Does this sound like a hell you want to visit? According to recent attendees of a ball pit bar hosted by San Francisco based organization Forward Motion, the answer for quite a few is “Yes! Definitely!”

The pop-up event was open March 19th and 20th and offered a full service cocktail bar next to a ball pit which feels both unsanitary and potentially gropey. Forward Motion founder Ryan Lum said the event took over a year to fund (balls aren’t cheap), but that it was a smash hit and worth the work.

Lum shared some highlights, saying people really got into the spirit:

“One of the bartenders tossed a small green plastic turtle into the ball pit and announced that if anyone found it, they would get a free shot. It was also hilarious to see everyone dancing the Macarena, singing the Backstreet Boys, having ball fights with the upstairs crowds, forming conga lines, and playing a limbo game.”

Submerging sauced adults into a giant ball pit was so successful Lum plans to host another pop-up at the bar Monarch in San Francisco in April, and is scheming to expand to other cities.