This Heroic Woman Put Poop In Her Purse After Her Date’s Toilet Wouldn’t Flush

We all know the real walk of shame is from the bathroom to your date’s bedroom after you’ve dropped a big one in the flusher and are unsure if it uh, disappeared. But few know a toilet-related walk of shame as dramatic and elaborate as Twitter user @_blotty who bravely posted the story of a date gone shitty after his toilet wouldn’t flush.

Even from the first tweet, she gets straight to the point.

I love how blasé she is about meeting him at the grocery store.


Honestly, the swiftness of her problem solving skills speak volumes. Potential future employers should read this story as an example of her ability to work outside-the-box.

This is already a romance for the ages. Naturally, this is the point where you reel in some sisterly advice.

The part that struck me the most was that HOURS went by before she was able to properly flush the poop, which means it was sitting in her purse feet away from them for that long without him noticing a smell (or revealing that he noticed). How many times was she forced to wash that purse? Did she replace it completely? Her story unsurprisingly encouraged others to share similar stories.

I really hope the grocery store man is following her on Twitter and this is how he found out that they’re meant to be.