North Carolina House Thrilled To Pass Bill Allowing LGBT Discrimination

Hello, and welcome to the year 2016 where we people are still somehow arguing about who should be allowed access to bathrooms!

The North Carolina House voted 83-25 today to pass House Bill 2, which will override all LGBT protections against discrimination in the state. The bill was created in reaction to a recently passed Charlotte ordinance which prohibited discrimination against LGBT individuals with regard to housing and the use of public facilities.

Thrilled by the idea of finally having a new group of people to discriminate against, the legislature held a special legislative session–which cost the state $42,000 a day–in order to pass this bill.

Those supporting the bill were primarily arguing that transgender people were actually sex predators who were only pretending to be a gender other than the one listed on their birth certificate in order to gain access to restrooms and sexually assault people. This is, of course, all speculation as this is not a thing to have ever actually occurred in real life.

Buzzfeed reports:

House Bill 2 mandates that state law supersedes all local ordinances concerning wages, employment, and public accommodations — thereby negating and blocking local policies designed to protect people from discrimination. It would also mandate that single-sex public restrooms and locker rooms in publicly run facilities be restricted to people of the same corresponding birth sex.

Further, it would would ban transgender students from school restrooms that correspond with their gender identity — teeing up a potential legal clash with the federal government, which says civil rights laws ban transgender discrimination in schools.

Oh cool–so the state not only wants to make it illegal for trans people to use the bathroom, they also want to give people the right to pay people less or refuse to hire them or rent to them or sell them a house because they are gay or trans! That has to be pretty exciting news for people whose entire sense of self-esteem relies on getting to legally discriminate against someone.

But, regarding the bathrooms–the real question here is–what is it that they want? Do they want trans men to use women’s bathrooms, like so?

Or do they want trans women in men’s bathrooms, like so:


Or do they just not want them to have access to public restrooms at all? If this is the case, I feel like the best solution to all of this is for every one of us who is not weird enough to oppose people having access to bathroom facilities to go down to the North Carolina House and have a good old fashioned pee-in. We can all drop trou, and just go to the bathroom right there on the floor. Let’s see how upset they are about people using bathrooms then!

House Bill 2 will soon continue its adventure into the Republican-dominated Senate, which will likely pass it as well.