Cool Teen Will Be Wearing Gina Rodriguez’s Dress to Prom

In today’s installment of Teens Who Can Get It, lucky high schooler Jessica Casanova will be wearing Gina Rodriguez’s Golden Globes dress to prom after simply asking on Twitter. Rodriguez is known for being a sweetheart — remember her tearful, not even embarrassing speech when she won Best Actress in a TV Comedy for Jane the Virgin? — but this is just delightful proof that she’s still a #normal at heart.

I’m not suggesting you use this conversation as a study in how to get a celebrity’s attention. But just in case, here it is:

Note: Gina Rodriguez checking to make sure this random teen is okay with this particular Golden Globes dress. Prom is a big deal!

Well, there you have it folks. All you have to do to wear celebrity couture to your prom night — or, hey, do you have anything to wear out this Friday? — is ask. Speaking to SELF, Casanova raved about Rodriguez: “She’s my idol, so when she replied I instantly felt chills… I could give her the biggest hug. She deserves everything great in her life for what she has given me.”

Kudos to Casanova for a great story to tell on first dates for the rest of her life.