Singing Telegrams Are Apparently Still A Thing

I just found out today that singing telegrams were still a thing. I also recently found out that people still did roller derby, but I digress. Gothamist released a video titled “A Day In The Life Of A NYC Signing Telegram” and it explores just that.

Big Apple Singing Telegrams has been terrifying and embarrassing people on their birthday since the 70’s.  You can choose from over 150 different characters to sneak-attack your best friends and/or worst enemies. Here’s their commercial in case sending a text just doesn’t do it for you and you rather have an actor impersonating Austin Powers interrupt their work day.

The Gothamist’s video follows one of Big Apple’s performers, Bernard Davis. I have to admit, he is good at what he does. Keeping up with the times, he sings recent Beyoncé songs and does characters like “the hip-hop twerking gorilla.” In the video, Davis insists that his performances “should have a showmanship, like you’re at a Broadway show.”

Nowadays I’m sure people appreciate this as a potential way to have their reaction go viral on yourtube, but I’m surprised that so many New Yorkers are cool with this. Jon Shipley, the owner of Big Apple, told Gothamist “”One out of 100, somebody will get enraged…I’ve actually been kicked out of the office.”

If you always outshine the waitstaff when they’re singing the Birthday song at Applebee’s, you may want to consider getting into the singing telegram business. Watch the video to see if it’s for you.

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