Sarah Palin Fulfills Her Destiny, Will Be A TV Judge

Proving that God works in mysterious ways, Sarah Palin has a production deal for a Judge Judy-style show in which she will preside over her very own courtroom.

When we were all introduced to Palin in 2008, who could have foreseen that this was where her career would lead? And yet, it feels so right and perfect for the tough-talkin’ Alaskan-accented former vice presidential candidate, current pundit, and forever hockey mom to be running a courtroom show, doesn’t it? Let that feeling of total and utter peace wash over you as you realize that Sarah Palin has found her calling, it’s not in politics, and it will provide you with years of entertainment.

In case you’re wondering, no, Sarah Palin is not a judge, but courtroom shows are arbitration, and technically, anyone can be an arbitrator. She still has to make a pilot and sell it to a station, but if anything in the world is just, Judge Sarah will be on our TVs soon.


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