Sarah Michelle Gellar’s #TBT Posts On Instagram Confirm That She Has Peaked

As a publicity stunt for the upcoming reboot of Cruel Intentions, Sarah Michelle Gellar has been posting many photos to Instagram while on set for the television series/sequel that is set to air on NBC. It should be noted that Sarah Michelle Gellar is the only one of the four original, core cast members currently signed on to revive her role. Reese, Ryan, and Selma are all on to bigger and better things.

Here we have exhibit A:

"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." (Or in my case lucky to repeat it) #Crueltv

A photo posted by Sarah Michelle (@sarahmgellar) on

In her caption, she describes herself as “lucky to repeat it.” She and the rest of the people behind the the reboot are literally trying to relive the past by re-staging it to a T. It’s like when your friend puts on her old prom dress “just because.” It’s sad.

Not only is she posting countless “remember when?” posts, confirming that she has already peaked, but she has also confirmed that she is indeed a basic bitch. Just look at her post from St. Patrick’s Day:

Top O the Morning to you ☘☘☘ who is feeling the #luck today??? #stpatricksday #stpaddysday

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The woman pictured here is 38 years old. Although she is too old to be wearing such a tiny hat, she is still quite young. C’mon girl, you still have your whole life ahead of you! Instead of reliving her days as prom queen, she is reliving her days as “Kathryn.” While super-fans of the cult classic film are probably very excited that she signed on– I, for one want, more for her.

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