Marcia Clark Didn’t Expect ‘The People VS OJ” Show To Be As Good As It Is

The name ‘Marcia Clark’ is suddenly trending now that Ryan Murphy’s The People VS O.J. Simpson is airing on FX and has exceeded most of our expectations. Clark, the former Los Angeles County prosecutor involved in the case, has been very much impressed with the show as well. In a recent interview with Larry King, Clark admits that the show got it “so right that it’s painful to watch.”

Episode 6 of the series is titled “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” and it’s, well, all about her. It sheds light on what it was like to get that kind of media attention as a female attorney. When discussing Murphy’s work in the interview, Clark admits that “I didn’t know that he would bring out the sexism aspect of it — no one had… No one had ever looked at that. I never thought that anyone would, to be honest with you.”

“They got the big issues so right that it’s painful to watch” remarks Clark during the interview. The full interview with Clark airs Friday at 2 p.m. ET on Ora.TV. The People VS O.J. Simpson airs on FX Tuesdays at 10pm ET. I’ve got all the episode pilled up in my DVR, so there goes my weekend.