Four Sets Of Identical Twins Played A Time Traveling Prank On Subway Passengers

The NYC-based prank collective Improv Everywhere is no stranger to making elaborate scenes. Some of their most well-known pranks include the time they organized and sent 80 people dressed as Best Buy employees into a Manhattan Best Buy, as well as the time they managed to get 200 people to enter Grand Central and freeze still for five synchronized minutes. In keeping with their commitment to grand-scale absurdity, their latest prank sent four sets of identical twins into trains as a time-traveling bit.

The bit started with one man announcing on the train that he was a scientist who needed money to build a time machine – a request that at this point didn’t shock New Yorkers who are accustomed to creative panhandlers. At the next stop, his identical twin got on the train and warned him that building the time machine would be a horrible decision. As the stops continued more time-travelers entered, confronting their past-selves (twins) about the dangers of playing with time.

After a few stops, fellow subway riders had a hard time ignoring the scene and likely were conjuring their own time-travel theories in their heads or hoping the improvisers would get off the fucking train. Either way, the prank succeeded in causing a splash.