Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Dies From Cancer

Former Toronto mayor and councilman Rob Ford is dead at the age of 46. Ford was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, pleomorphic liposarcoma, in September 2014, during a bid for re-election as mayor of Toronto. Ford went through rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, then surgery to remove an abdominal tumor in 2015; however, doctors found another tumor later that year. Continued treatments proved unsuccessful, and the former mayor was moved to palliative care a few days ago.

Ford’s controversial history of drug and alcohol abuse put him in the crosshairs of Gawker, who tried to raise $200K for a video of Ford smoking crack, as well as Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, tons of media outlets, and assorted late-night comedians. Although Ford’s behavior was news to plenty of Americans, the long-suffering citizens of Toronto spent years dealing with Ford’s public missteps. That said, many supported him, especially as his death drew near.

Ford is survived by his wife Renata, children Stephanie and Douglas, brothers Doug and Randy, sister Kathy, and mother Diane.

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