“Effigy” Will Ceremoniously Burn Your Digital Memories

Sometimes it’s nice to write things down on paper and burn them, you know? A little new moon action now and then can be refreshing. Or maybe you’re just feeling angry and want to burn old photos and love letters — we’re not here to judge. The thing is, it can get smelly. It can be dangerous. It can set off fire alarms and alert the neighbors. Plus, so many of our memories are now digital! What’s a vindictive firebug to do?

“Effigy” is here to help! This awesome indie game (for lack of a better word) facilitates witchy rituals for the 21st century by taking any pic you drop into a folder entitled “shoebox” and rendering it into what looks like an ancient piece of paper that you then drop into a fire. (You can also create your own image in Photoshop or similar programs.) Once you launch the game, your screen transforms into a beautiful night scene with a fire pit and a crescent moon and, oh look, a shoebox full of old letters. Use the mouse pad and arrow keys much like you would in Myst to take the piece of paper from your shoebox and drop it into the fire. After the paper burns up, the sun rises on a new day, one that’s free of those lackluster X-rated pics from your ex. And if you’re only doing this for fun, make sure you have backup copies; once “Effigy” works its magic, your “shoebox” folder will be empty.

“Effigy” is not just an awesome way to blow off steam — or to actually conduct rituals, if you so wish — but it’s a great way to support an independent game developer and writer. Amy Dentata has created a slew of interesting indie games that deal with real-life issues like PTSD, domestic violence, and depression. Check out Patchwork Doll Games for more.

[Patchwork Doll Games]