Watch Donald Trump And Ben Carson Sway To ‘Stand By Me’ Because Life Is A Nightmare

There’s very little motivation for writers to continue to draft our fears into dystopian novels when we can just watch the 2016 GOP nightmare play out. Who needs to read about genocidal robots when the internet already has YouTube videos where musicians named Beau Davidson serenade Donald Trump with classic songs lyrically altered to bestow appreciation on the orange monster?!

During the Palm Beach County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day, organizers apparently thought it’d be cute to commission a musician with David Spade hair to ruin the perfectly good¬† lyrics to the song “Stand By Me,” by changing them to reference Trump. All of this happened while Ben Carson awkwardly swayed on the side like the sad little brother begrudgingly invited to the birthday party. What if Jeb was also on this stage trying out some head-bops and dance moves?That would most likely drive me to tears, because WHAT THE FUCK IS THE WORLD?