“People” Pulls Kristin Cavallari’s Deadly Baby Formula Recipe

Last week, People magazine published a baby formula recipe from noted anti-vaxxer Kristin Cavallari in their “Great Ideas” section. Alas, it wasn’t that great of an idea after all, as the recipe contained goat’s milk, which can be deadly for infants.

The recipe, which also includes cod liver oil and maple syrup, came from Cavallari’s new book, Balancing In Heels. She developed it in consult with her pediatrician and her husband, football player Jay Cutler, due to the fact that her sons have a “sensitivity to cow’s milk” and they didn’t want to use packaged formulas. Why? Because, she explained, she preferred a homemade recipe rather “than a heavily processed store-bought formula that contains ‘glucose syrup solids,’ which is another name for corn syrup solids, maltrodextrin, carrageenan and palm oil.”

However, readers who were aware of the dangers goat’s milk can cause when given to infants, including “severe electrolyte abnormalities, metabolic acidosis, megaloblastic anemia, allergic reactions including life-threatening anaphylactic shock, hemolytic uremic syndrome, and infections” complained, and the article has since been taken down entirely.

It’s more than apparent that people like Cavallari are trying their best to do what’s right for their children–and certainly, “natural” things seem like they are unequivocally better than “unnatural” things. However! Not all natural things are necessarily good for you or your baby, and many can do more damage than so-called “unnatural” things. Like goat’s milk! Or hemlock!

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