Mischa Barton Is On Dancing With the Stars And I Don’t Want to Talk About It

To a certain subset of (sorry) millennial, Mischa Barton is and will remain very famous so please stop asking. Her cult favorite OC character Marissa Cooper’s (sorry) death was a key moment in your emotional life and you have friends who still can’t watch the YouTube footage in question. Most importantly, you haven’t aged a day since Season 3, Episode 25 of The OC aired in 2006.

Perhaps for my own anxieties about aging alone, Barton’s upcoming appearance on ABC’s Dancing With the Starsalongside meteorologist Ginger Zee (?) and Trump’s ex wife Marla Maples (???) is a lot to handle at this time. Please ask me about it later.

Barton will be partnered with Artem Chigvintsey, who is not even one of the famous dance pros.

“They’ve asked me for many years and it just wasn’t working with my schedule and it just wasn’t the right time,” Barton told E! News. “I just like staying busy and it’s fun training and why not? It’s a challenge and it’s a nice thing to do for a second and see how you do!”

Why not? It’s a nice thing to do for a second.

For fellow senior citizens who even know who Mischa Barton is, DWTS Season 22 premieres tonight on ABC at 8 pm EST.